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LS Energy Services USA, Inc. Announces Expansion into Permian Basin

September 1, 2020

Houston--LS Energy Services USA, Inc. announced today that Brian Petzold, Vice President –Strategy & Business Development of Lone Star Energy Fabrication, will spearhead business development for LS Energy’s new expansion into the Permian Basin and the Gulf Coast region. LoneStar Energy Fabrication, LS Energy Services and Lineal Industries are affiliated companies providing energy services in Houston, TX, Baytown, TX, Wheeling W. VA and Bridgeville, PA.

The companies provide a powerful combination of major project fabrication solutions, construction services, specialty pipeline construction, long term maintenance and pipeline integrity services company throughout the USA. The companies’ Fortune 500 client base consists of international and domestic energy leaders in upstream, midstream and downstream energy segments throughout the world.

Brian Shanklin, CEO of Lone Star Energy Fabrication, commented “Our expanding LS Energy Services USA offices will bring decades of trustworthy pipeline services experience, strong industry-leading MSA relationships and an impeccable safety record to the fabrication, refinery/petrochemical, pipeline specialty construction, installation and integrity services markets. We look forward to providing safe, dependable, on time and on budget client service that is the foundation of LoneStar Energy Fabrication, LS Energy Services, USA and Lineal Industries, Inc.”

About LoneStar Energy Fabrication, LS Energy Services USA, Inc. and Lineal Industries

LoneStar Energy and its affiliated companies safely and consistently deliver major fabrication solutions, process, specialty pipeline construction, integrity services and field services. Our clients include well known energy leaders including upstream, midstream, power generation, utilities providers, petrochemical and refining plants.

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